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Why Bitcoin gambling is better than traditional online gambling

Gambling online with a digital currency?

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?
Best Bitcoin Casino Review has a thought about that.
This is especially the case with digital currencies such as bitcoin, which is also responsible for the introduction of provably fair protocols on bitcoin casinos throughout the world. With estimated 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users, Bitcoin popularity as crypto currency is growing steadily. Characteristically being a better partner for internet transactions, it is set to change the way we use the internet. Many online casinos are quick to see the unique advantages (discussed below) of being a bitcoin casino and started adding bitcoin to their payment systems.

The Numerous advantages of Bitcoin Casinos will change the Gambling World

[To fit all in one line, “certainty with hashing, security and privacy with anonymity and cheap(almost free) and agile transactions” are all possible with casinos that accept bitcoin deposits]

It is hard to determine which of these bitcoin casino advantages is the best, as they are all, in an ideal case are all must haves for every online casino.

To start, Best Bitcoin Casino Review would like to give you a taste on bitcoin transactions. Unlike traditional payment methods, bitcoin transactions are fast and easy. All you need is a good bitcoin wallet and best bitcoin casino site and you can start playing your bitcoin casino games in minutes.

What can beat that?

How about “almost no transactions fee!” Yes!, with bitcoin as a mode of casino deposit, you don’t have to worry about 2%-20% of deposit amount as transactions fee (all other traditional payment modes like Paypal, banks, credit cards, wire transfers charge transaction fee). There is no certain percentage of transaction fee, however, small processing charges are involved in bitcoin transactions these days, but no matter how many bitcoins or satoshis you want to deposit, the processing fee range won’t cross 10-30cents. Moreover, bitcoin casinos deposits are direct and does not depend on any third party payment processor. So, only with bitcoin, everything happens instantly and transactions are for free.

What else does it got?

It’s more secure!

Yes, Bitcoin- the famous cryptocurrency is designed to be secure for any online operation. Not just that, the transaction with bitcoin are anonymous. So with BTC casinos, you can gamble from any locations, even from those places where gambling activities are normally banned, for one reason or another. For example, gamblers in countries like USA, where gambling is extensively regulated, the anonymity that USA bitcoin casinos provide is such a relief. No wonder online casinos that accept bitcoin are big buzz in the USA gambling scene.

Regardless of your nationality, you can use Bitcoin to gamble without any territorial restrictions.

So with bitcoin, you can enjoy Jurisdiction free casino games instantenously, without spending extra bucks on transactions free for deposits.

As awesome as the above perks sound, probably the finest feature of the best bitcoin casinos is the possibility to verify the fairness of the online casino.

Thanks to the Secure Hash Algorithm, SHA256, a cryptographic hash function that is used in bitcoin mining and Bitcoin network, provably fair casinos are a reality. We at Best Bitcoin Casino Review believe that this is not a good news just for players, the casinos also can make sure that players are genuine with their gamble.

So what is this provably fair gambling?

So the commented part has to be re written. Provably fair has often been regarded as a confusing concept for new bitcoin casino players.

Best Bitcoin Casino Review hopes that, in the future, chances are that all online casino enthusiasts will understand the concept, which is bound to make all online casinos safer from every point of view, while also increasing their trustworthiness score. With this in mind, provably fair algorithms will end up being the standard that all casinos and players consider as an advantage. Bitcoin has therefore brought along the end of baselesstrust, and encouraged numerous casinos to finally go ahead and show users some sort of trust proof.

Seeing provably fair systems as an advantage is one thing, but thoroughly understanding the way they work is a lot more difficult.

To put things better into perspective, Best Bitcoin Casino Review will now go ahead and briefly explain how provably systems generally work. While there are multiple protocols available on the market, most casinos are based on the following, which includes three main factors: the server seed, the client seed and the nonce, which is a number that increases each time you make another bet.

To kick things off, before you start gambling, you will be given an encrypted hash of the server seed. As you get it in advance, casinos will not be able to change it up later, but due to the fact that it is encrypted, you will also not be able to see it in order to predict your rolls. Apart from the server seed which has already been sent to your browser, a provably fair protocol will also require a random client seed, which will be generated by your very own browser. You can go ahead and adjust this seed before you start gambling to further reduce the chances of the site knowing it in advance.

Following each bet, the outcome of the roll will be calculated by taking into account the client seed, the server seed, and of course, the nonce, which just like we said, increases by one after every bet that is made, in order to guarantee a different result.

This sounds fair, doesn’t it? But how do you go ahead and verify whether the results have been tampered with in any way? This is where provably fair protocols truly shine. The first step is to verify whether the hashed sever seed that you have received is the same with the unhashed server seed. To do this, you can simply use a hash calculator, which will help you get the SHA256 hash of the unhashed server seed.

Once you have checked that the same seed is being used, you can go ahead and use a provably fair verifier, as doing all of the calculations by hand, while also taking the nonce into account is bound to be extremely time consuming. After using the verifier to come up with rolls after each bet in particular, go ahead and check your results in order to see if the same roll number popped up.

The entire system works by binding every part in order to generate a roll number, and then allowing players to verify by themselves that their rolls are authentic and have not been messed around with in any way whatsoever.

However, Best Bitcoin Casino Review has a word of caution for you. The Provably Fair system is great, but you should still check the reputation of any Bitcoin casino you consider to play at. Even with untampered software bad business practices and outright rip-offs can still damage your Bitcoin wallet badly.

Considering such possibilities of small negatives, it’s better to research and wager on a better bitcoin casino. Therefore, we recommend reading some bitcoin casino reviews before you start placing bets.

Select the Right Bitcoin Casino

Best Bitcoin Casino Review advises you to always consider the following factors when choosing a bitcoin gambling site:

  • Does it have Provably Fair software? Usually, the answer can be found on the Bitcoin casino web page. There are times when bitcoin casinos make it difficult to check whether they are provably fair. If this is the case, it’s best to simply choose another provider. True provably fair casinos will often enjoy letting everyone know about the system.
  • Is your preferred bitcoin casino legal? Regardless of the payment method used, you should always make sure you are gambling at a legal establishment. More than anything, for your own protection, you should check the partners’ network of the casino, professional bitcoin casino reviews, users’ opinions, as well as read bitcoin casino Reddit discussion threads.

Why should I check for a license if bitcoin casinos are provably fair?

Because, and here you don’t really need Best Bitcoin Casino Review to advise, but not all bitcoin casinos are genuine, some might be fair with games but they can still cheat you with disconnecting in between, not paying the money when it is due, and employing certain practices such as refusing to acknowledge that you have won a bet, not responding to customer support requests and more. However, most top bitcoin casinos will offer provably fair systems that work as advertised, and will also likely not attempt to cheat you out of your cash. However, as a rule of thumb, it is advisable that you never go ahead and bet more than you can afford to lose. So it is better to find the list of good bitcoin casinos 2017 before deciding on any random bitcoin casino.

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