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Do you know this moment when you talk to friends about the final result of the upcoming match and then find out that you were exactly right with your tip? Due to sports gambling, certain gamblers have the chance to place their money on the end result of a match. A lot of people decide to shy away from a sportsbook, asserting they don't understand how it functions. But, it's really fairly simple.

How does that game work

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling in existence. People were betting on the outcomes of sporting events hundreds of years ago, just like they do today. A lot has changed since then of course, but the basic concept of sports betting has remained the same. You simply put your money on whatever outcome you think is most likely. You win if your prediction is correct, and you lose if it’s not.

The relatively straightforward nature of sports betting is one reason why it’s so popular. There are others too, as we’ll explain later. However, certain aspects of this form of gambling can be a little more complex. It’s easy enough to get started with just some basic knowledge, but there’s a lot to learn if you want to get the most out of betting on sports. 

This is especially true if you have aspirations of winning money consistently. Even if you’re just betting for fun, learning more about how to do it could never hurt. The purpose of this sports betting guide is to teach you everything there is to know about the subject. Like all the gambling guides on this site, it’s extremely comprehensive. It’s been compiled by a team of genuine experts, who have years of betting experience between them. The information and advice we have to offer here are truly INVALUABLE.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never placed a sports wager in your life, or if you have lots of betting experience under your belt. Nor does it matter if your goal is to have fun or to make money. You WILL find this guide useful. For rookies, there’s information about how sports betting works and what’s involved. 

There’s also plenty of basic advice that’s really easy to understand. There are some advanced topics too, for the more experienced bettors, and lots of strategy advice. We even help you to find the best places to bet online.

Now, we’re not promising that we’ll turn you into a successful bettor overnight. This isn’t a step by step guide to guaranteed profits. Our goal is to give you the information and advice that you need to develop your betting skills over time. Combine those skills with the right attitude, and plenty of willpower, and there’s every chance you’ll start making money.

Advantages of playing with cryptos

Bitcoin sports betting has quite a few advantages compared to standard online sports betting. In general, if you like the idea of a free, and decentralized digital currency and prefer it over standard national currencies, you will certainly be keener on betting with Bitcoins.

With Bitcoin, you won’t have to reveal your financial details when completing online transactions. Speaking of transactions, Bitcoin transactions are completed a lot faster than credit/debit card transactions. 

Sports betting deposits are usually concluded in a matter of seconds or minutes, but withdrawals may take longer unless you’re withdrawing using Bitcoins. Bitcoin withdrawals are completed much faster and you’ll be able to enjoy your winnings a lot sooner.

Furthermore, Bitcoin transactions are free of charge in most cases. You will get to wager the full amount that you deposit, which significantly improves your winning chances, as you will be able to place more wages than in the case where a proportion of your money goes to the operator as a fee.

Many Bitcoin sports betting sites offer more lucrative bonuses for punters who make their payments in Bitcoins, compared to the bonuses that are available to the ones who use conventional currencies. Moreover, there are certain bonuses that are available exclusively to those who choose Bitcoin as their favored currency.

There is another perk, or rather an opportunity that comes with Bitcoin sports betting. Namely, the value of the Bitcoin is very volatile and it can change within a matter of minutes. Often, we have seen the price plunge or surge by a few hundred dollars in a matter of weeks. Generally, though, it has to be said that the price has been on the rise from the moment when the first Bitcoins were launched.

Thus, when you wager with Bitcoins and you win, you may have even more money by the time you decide to make a withdrawal, provided that the value of Bitcoin has risen.

As Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, with no central authority, it doesn’t have the status of legal tender, which means that you can bet using Bitcoins, even if betting is illegal in your country of state, since technically Bitcoin betting is not considered to be a form of actual betting.

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