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Bitcoin Casino Slots Rules

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It’s a basic casino game. You deposit bitcoins and pull the lever or spin the wheel.

There’s a horizontal line across the window. If a certain combination falls on this line when the reels stop – you win!

We suggest you not to play if there is no pay table. Also remember that payouts vary. There are two kinds of slot machines: progressive and straight slot machines

Progressive slot pays out if the bitcoin jackpot is hit. The % of each bitcoin deposited to the slot machine is added to the jackpot. So if the jackpot is not hit for a while, the accumulated bitcoin amount can grow large.

Straight slot pays out on a defined schedule

Some bitcoin slot games offer bonus rounds, multipliers, free spins

Bonus rounds are mini-games. Different bitcoin slot games have different triggers for bonus rounds. The winnings mostly depend on luck, and some bitcoin slot games like Chase the Cheese feature a skill-based game – the skilled player has a high chance of winning.

Multipliers offer a multiple of your spin’s winnings. It can range from 2x-5x. It can be earned from a lucky spin or by completing a series of scenarios.

Free spins are given out when a certain combination lands on the horizontal line. When you sign up as a new player for the first time, you also get free spins.

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