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Bitcoin Casino Poker Strategies

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A poker player faces some tough decisions on many occasions. He usually has four choices to make: check, bet or call, raise, or fold. To make a wise decision, the player needs to establish the approximate expectation of each possible move and choose the one that has the best return, if any, or simply fold.

  • Calculate the odds against you, and if the return is greater than the odds, make the bet. If the odds are in your favor, bet as heavily as you can.
  • Because there is a lot of psychology involved during a game of poker, the psychological strategy is very important.
  • Regularly varying your play is considered a good poker tactic. This means that sometimes you have to 'Bluff' and you should do it tactically, not just for the sake of bluffing. The aim is to make it harder for the other players to be able to 'read' your cards or guess your intentions when it matters.
  • Therefore, the most important thing a poker player must do is NOT to form a pattern of play.
  • The next important thing is body language and talk. Both of these can reveal a lot of how strong (or weak) your hand is. Over time players can develop the ability to 'translate' your body language and what you say, into a meaningful insight of what hand you might have.
  • Remember, poker is about being able to win big pots, not just getting the highest hand. Being able to disguise your play is probably the most valuable asset you can have as a poker player, closely followed by the ability to memorize played cards and be constantly aware which cards are 'Live' cards.
  • While the normal Texas Holdem strategies apply, for extra income you can take advantage of the always controversial bum-hunting strategy.
  • Bum hunting is a poker strategy where a good player chooses to play at cash game tables where there are one or more super-poor players. For an additional advantage, the bum hunter will usually try to sit in position (to the left of) to the bum.
  • Bum hunting is a lucrative strategy. Target a “fish” (poorly skilled player) with your superior skills and positional advantage at a 6-handed no limit texas Holdem table, and you’re guaranteed to make money. Bum hunting is controversial because poker rooms hate it. Bum hunting creates a poor experience for the bums, who are lucrative customers, so poker rooms have tried stopping better players from hunting the worse ones. One method of stopping bum hunting is not showing (or randomizing) players’ nicknames, so you can’t identify the bums easily.
  • Amusingly, bitcoin poker rooms’ worst aspect (lack of players) makes them the best poker rooms for bum hunting. There’s usually only a couple of cash game tables open, so by watching them, you can easily see every single player’s skill level.  Identify the bums (there are going to be a few, BTC-accepting poker rooms generally have less skilled players than PokerStars) and start playing against them. This way you can make serious BTC without the skills of Tom Dwan or Daniel Cates.
  • Bonus strategy tip: after identifying the bums, sit down at a new table with stakes slightly lower than the table where the bum is sitting. They’re going to be delighted by the chance to play with lower stakes, while more serious players are going to ignore the table they consider to be beneath them. This way you’ll often end up with a short-handed table with you, a bum or two and at most one other skilled player. There’s never going to be an easier way of making money playing online poker than this.

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