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How does Bitcoin Poker game work

Poker originated in the saloons of the Wild West and has probably the most game variants. It is played player against players and not just against the dealer as in Blackjack, and there is a lot of psychology involved during play. Poker takes a moment to learn and a lifetime to master.

  • Online poker is a game of skill rather than luck. 
  • Poker is played from a standard deck of 52 cards. Some variant games use multiple decks or add Jokers or Wild Cards.
  • The cards are ranked in descending order starting from the highest; Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. Ace can be high or low. There are four suits; spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, but no suit is higher than another.
  • Each player is dealt five cards and is called a hand. The hand highest in ranks wins. In some games, there are Wild Cards or Jokers, which can be labeled whatever suit and rank the possessor wishes to.
  • The Ranking of Poker Hands: The ranking of poker hands based on probability starting from the highest are as follows.

Advantages of playing with cryptos

If you’re a beginner, visiting a gambling venue and sitting at a poker table with other players can be intimidating. You never know how experienced the other players are. When playing online, it’s not as intimidating because you’re not actually there with the other players; you’re at home on your computer. Plus, you can practice for free online as much as you like to build up your confidence.

There’s also the cost. This is another main advantage of playing online. Land-based casino games have overhead costs, whereas online ones don’t. The online version of any casino game is always considerably cheaper to one than a land-based version. Poker games in land-based casinos are mostly geared towards experienced players with money to spend. This isn’t always possible at land-based casinos.

With online poker, there’s no waiting around. You can play single-player poker games whenever you like and if you want to play with others, there’s always a game to join. Plus, you can play lots of different poker games at the same time; at land-based casinos, it’s one game at a time.

As a payment mechanism, Bitcoin has many advantages. Players who chose to play Bitcoin poker will enjoy the following advantages:

  • If you are located in a jurisdiction that allows gambling and use of cryptocurrency without KYC, you reap the benefits of the limited anonymity that Bitcoin offers.
  • Even if you’re in a place that requires KYC, you can still benefit from keeping your bank accounts or credit cards private.
  • Faster deposits and withdrawal speeds. Most online poker rooms take 3 to 5 days to process withdrawals of fiat currency. Poker rooms and sites let you withdraw from your poker account to your bitcoin wallet in under 24 hours. Some even allow instant withdrawals.
  • You can potentially pay less rake.
  • Some Bitcoin poker sites require no registration to play.
  • Finally, users can spend their winnings any way they choose. That freedom is breath of fresh air who’s gotten their credit card or bank transfer blocked by a bank. It is a great currency for poker play.
  • The benefits of Bitcoin or BTC are pretty much the same as in regular gambling like Bitcoin Casinos.

Anonymity. You don’t have to provide your real name, home address, phone number, credit card number or ID/Passport just to request a payout. In most Bitcoin Poker sites you only need a working email address and a Bitcoin address to deposit and withdraw your money and possible winnings.

Instant deposits and withdraws. Bitcoin Poker sites allow for nearly instant deposits and withdrawals. This is an excellent feature if you want to start playing quickly and don’t like waiting. Or if you happen to win a big amount of Bitcoins in Poker, it is always nice to have money right away to your Bitcoin address.

Bitcoin Poker is a new thing. Bitcoin Poker hasn’t been in the market for a long time. Regular poker games with a normal currency like Euros or US Dollars are really tough these days and there isn’t a lot of so-called fish in the games. Fish is a poker term that refers to a very bad poker player. BTC Poker is a new thing, so there is still a lot of fish in the games and you can make serious money if you are even an average player. So you should maybe test the waters right away and grab the easy money there is to grab from the Bitcoin Poker tables!

There are a number of reasons why cryptocurrency makes sense for online poker, but it really comes down to the needs of the players themselves. Most online poker players are looking for some mixture of the following things when picking a payment processor:

  • When you understand how to use it, Bitcoin is very reliable and safe. Unlike banks, this is mostly on the individual as bitcoin is decentralized.
  • Perhaps, the biggest feature of bitcoin is just how fast it is for online poker. Once you have bitcoin you can be playing poker with it in a matter of minutes instead of days. Deposits are just that quick.
  • Withdrawals are also fast but it usually takes a day or two to receive your poker payout because online sites need to confirm the payout amount to block money laundering. It’s still far better than waiting weeks to get a withdrawal check from other online poker options.
  • Bitcoin and playing bitcoin poker also have some of the lowest fees compared to credit cards and banks. You can actually pay slightly higher fees if you want to speed up your poker transaction.
  • Most people wouldn’t say that bitcoin is easier to use than a credit card but once you get used to the concept it’s actually surprisingly intuitive.

Finally, users can spend their bitcoin poker winnings any way they choose. That freedom is breath of fresh air who’s gotten their credit card or bank transfer blocked by a bank. It is a great currency for poker play.


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