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Blackjack Rules

What version is played may depend on the rules of blackjack. It is recommended to players that they review the rules for the specific version of blackjack before they play the game. 

The principal aim of a Blackjack game is to beat the dealer with a stronger hand, without a "bust," i.e. with a hand value of more than 21. You put a wager at the start of each game and the dealer gives each person a single card. You have to determine whether you want to stand, strike, break, repeat or surrender once you have your card as long as the rules permit it.

  • You stand when you don't want to take a card and choose to face the dealer.
  • It is hitting as you take a different card and a new one until you decide to stand.
  • Splits happen if you have two same-value cards and want to divide them into two different hands to play them separately.
  • If you wish to double your stake, doubling down is when you take a new card
  • The surrender is when you lose the bet to get half the bet back. Early and late surrender options are available before and after the dealer is trying to blackjack.

It is also worth noting that face cards (Queens, Jacks, Kings) are rated as 10 in a Blackjack game, whereas the Ace can be either 1 or 11, whichever is better for the player. If you have a hand with the ace of 1, it's known as a soft hand and if an ace of 11, it's known as a hard hand. A hand with Ace-5-9, for instance, would be a soft 15 (1 + 5 + 9), while an Ace-5's hand being "hard" 16 and so on. 

Although there are common rules like 21, busting, the dealing procedure and the card value, there are other rules that differ.

  • Card Values: The value of the card is equal to the face value of each card while the value of the Jacks, Queen, and Kings is 10. Depending on the blackjack hand, aces can count as 11 or even 1, respectively. When it forms a total of 11, it is called soft, and when it creates a total of 1 it is considered as hard. A hand consisting of an Ace and a five, for instance, is a soft sixteen and a hard six.
  • Splitting Rules: In all blackjack games splitting is permitted, but some games won't split Aces and certain games allow players to split only 1 time. Players that split aces can only hit once and get an additional card. In comparison to ten-value cards, players can divide depending on the rules; some allow it while others require players to get equal 10 value cards in order to divide. Splitting means that the players put a new bet into a new hand that matches the original bet made in the blackjack hand and can quadruple their initial wager with four hands.
  • Double Down Rules: Upon obtaining their first two cards, players will be able to double down. Many games allow players to double at any value and others can only double if the hand total is equal to 9, 10 or 11. Just one more card can be obtained from players when they double, the card is mandatory and it is not optional.
  • Surrender Rules: Some games will give players the opportunity to give up their blackjack hands; this is equivalent to folding in poker. After the initial two cards are distributed, players can make that decision. You will forfeit the hand if you give up and lose half your bet. It is better to lose half sometimes than to lose the whole bet.
  • Insurance Rules: Insurance is a side bet that players can place if the dealer’s card that is facing up is an Ace or a ten-value card. Players will win that bet if the hand has a blackjack. The dealer will peek and see his card once players place that wager and pay it out if it is a blackjack.
  • If players do not place insurance, and the dealer gets a blackjack, all the wagers, except insurance will be losing ones. If the player has a blackjack as well, it is considered a push. Some games will give players their bets back, and some versions consider a push to be in the favor of the house.

Game Variants

Gamblers of every generation seem to enjoy blackjack online tremendously. Over the years, numerous blackjack variants have arisen that offer the traditional game an interesting twist. The best blackjack versions you can find online are:

The classic online game is the original version of the world's best online blackjack game. The rules of the game are extremely easy to learn and its gameplay offers fantastic entertainment that lets you spend hours playing!

Blackjack Switch is a variant of the game based on the casino classic, invented with the Geoff card count in the early 21st century. The fact that the dealer handles two hands rather than one focuses on distinguishing the game from its classic counterpart.

The player can exchange or switch between his two hands of the top two cards during the play. A natural blackjack is paid 1:1 instead of the usual 3:2 payout in this version of the game. In addition, the hard 22 of a dealer pushes all the hands of the players except a normal blackjack.

Free Bet Blackjack is a version of the game which was developed by Geoff Hall but this variant appeared several years after Blackjack Switch. The version of Free Bet Blackjack was created by Geoff Hall. Hall decided to incorporate a twist into the casino classic when it was made. The player wouldn't risk any money that is wagered while dividing or doubling.

Free Bet Blackjack Online gives players the ability to divide and double the classical table game version. The only thing that comes into play in this game is that if the dealer gets the 22 all bets of the player will move against non-busted hands and any regular blackjacks will be paid even the money. The game is identical to the Blackjack Switch.

This edition of the game's classical cousin is very famous and attractive. The fact that both cards of the dealer are visible from the early stages of the game is one of the factors which makes the game different from the rest. This gives you the advantage that you can decide which technique is best used to defeat the dealer and make a good deal of money.

Blackjack 5 is a casino classic variation with the same rules as the original one, but players can play 5 hands simultaneously instead of just 1. Even if 5 hands can be a challenge to play at a time, this version offers you more chances of winning as a player.

The Blackjack single deck is a variation of the game played using only one 52-card deck. When you choose to play this version, you will be glad to know that this particular game has a relatively low house edge for the players (although this varies by the casino). Therefore, this game will allow you to gain more profit.

Blackjack multiplayer is also made of the classic casino that allows players to play with other players. The Blackjack Multiplayer is also a casino classic. Usually, this game offers typically no more than 5 seats. This is popular in several of the best blackjack games online.

Progressive Blackjack is a kind of table game that enables you to gain a huge sum because the jackpot is progressively tied to the game. When you play real money with progressive online Blackjack, you can place side bets that will actually give you the chance to win the incredible prize.

Blackjack Surrender is a game that lets you give up your first two cards if you find yourself with a very bad hand. If you are thinking about playing this game, you can take this on your own to read its particular rules and strategies.

Caribbean 21 Blackjack is what you should opt for when playing a tougher card game version. This is because you only see any aces you gain as "hard" instead of 1 to 11.

FACE UP 21 BLACKJack is a variation that allows you to see the two cards that belong to the dealer. Your cards and his will be shown up for other team players to see.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack combines blackjack rules in its traditional form and several rules that are unique to the game. The natural blackjack of a player in this game beats the natural blackjack of a dealer.

Blackjack Match Play 21 is a variant played without 10s. While this kind of blackjack might seem to have fewer possibilities to form 21, there are some great bonus hands to make this game more attractive.

Pontoon is a distant Blackjack relative from the UK. It also takes place in Asia and Europe, apart from being played in the United Kingdom. The main hurdle of the game is that you can't see two cards from the dealer. Therefore you can't rely on the hand you're handling your strategy.

Although this version of the game has a Spanish theme, Spanish 21 is of American origin, which was first published in 1995. Since its introduction in casinos, the game has been a big hit among players and has continued to grow in popularity over the years. This kind of Online Blackjack is filled with action and offers a greater chance of winning to players.

The best online casino Blackjack games can be played live today. In fact, it means that live dealers can work with your cards rather than an automated computer system. In general, 7 seats are granted to Live Blackjack games.

European Blackjack is a version of the game that is common to both brick and mortar and online European casinos. The online casino game has rules slightly different from the classic game with different payouts. If you want to get all the information you want on the game, go ahead and read our European Blackjack Guide.

Mobile blackjack is somewhat similar to regular online casinos ' online blackjack. You will usually have the same rules and strategy as we mentioned above. The only difference is that mobile Blackjack can be played on Android mobile devices and iOS devices, including mobiles, tablets, and other devices.

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