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Cryptos and Coins



Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are digital cash, it has advantages over our Fiat money in any case it is not only cheap, reliable and reliable, but transactions are also very fast. Instead of keeping the money from a bank, send and receive it as usual, the transaction partners of crypto-currencies contact each other directly. Since the intermediate station is omitted and people can send money directly, the transactions are much faster and cheaper.

Each user of a crypto currency can check his own transactions and the transactions of all others, making it almost impossible to cheat or manipulate. The records of the digital transactions are called a "ledger", and this ledger is publicly accessible to everyone. This public ledger makes transactions efficient, permanent, secure and transparent.

Thanks to the public access to transactions, you do not have to entrust your money to a bank for crypto-currencies. They do not require you to trust the person you are doing business with to actually pay you. Instead, you can see that the money is sent, received, verified and stored by thousands of people. This unique positive characteristic is called "trustless".

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